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My name is: Zsa Zsa (yes, after Gabor)

I live at: Poops A Lot Acres, Glenwood, N.M.

Born on Earth Day 2010

Hobbies: Climbing Trees, fetching sticks, chasing squirrels and catching balls.

Chores: Stealing firewood from the neighbors to keep us warm at night, herding the horse into the corral, chasing the ducks out of the lower pond and greeting Guests at our B&B.

Ming and I spend a lot of time together when I am not climbing trees..

Favorite gets me onto the roof and then I can greet our new guests.

Meditating......Wishing for someone to play with.

I Like to Wear Hats

My Mom MIng, who raised me (the human gets an F- from her friends for doing a very poor job of training me). 

I have 'impulse control' issues and I've worked really hard to change my ways. I.have almost learned NOT to jump on cars or people. Hey, I'm a free spirit who loves life and greeting everyone who comes to visit me.

Mimi the elder, my sister, died of old age. I'm lonely. My only playmate (Czerena, the human) she can't throw a ball (to save her life); playing tug of war, I win, because she's a wimp!

When she forgets to close the front gate (which is often) I wander across the road and into either CJ's or Kevins homes (they never close their doors). Today, I snagged a baked chicken off CJ's counter and ran for my life! Czerena thinks I have a thyroid problem and keeps cutting my meals back.

I entertain myself when the UPS truck comes. I love jumping into it and getting a treat for doing so. I'm bored most of the day (between meals), until I spot a squirrel.

My student Gengus. We run in circles to warm up......but he is a bit ‘challenged’ when it comes to climbing a tree.

Gengus is kinda fun, but look who accompanies him - Coda, my nemesis. She’s been a pain in my butt. Every time I bark, she puts her mouth over my head and pushes me onto the ground. This is her typical look...."I'm gonna get you".

And One Day.....Ava Arrived!  Ming went to work raising another puppy and I have a playmate.

I’ve taught her every good and every bad thing I know and proud of it. She exceeds me when greeting our Guests. She jumps INTO the car and NOT on it.

Opps..gotta go and get Czerena, Koneha’s at the door waiting for her bi-weekly treat: spent grain from beer making. She HATES sharing  with the chickens.

Ming oversees Mom’s production of Porters and Stouts. When she is not training Ava and between meals, her favorite thing to do is relax. Czerena thinks she has a thyroid problem too.

Czerena, my human Mom on her first pony ride. She was my age when this photo was taken, she's way older now

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